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Wholesale supplies

It's no secret that goods produced in China are enjoyed all over the world with huge demand, primarily due to attractive prices.

In recent years there has also been a tendency towards improving the quality of Chinese products. As a result of cheap labor costs, manufacturers are allowed to produce products similar to major parameters of well known brands, but able to sell it with a price several times lower. Moreover, it is well known that the original production centers of even the most famous brands are usually factories located in China.

The crisis has taught companies to seek new ways of competing and developing their businesses. Direct supply from China is one of the most effective ways to help those new ways. For some sorts of goods (ex. electronics) it is not required to buy thousands of units at once from the manufacturer - one can buy hundreds, those numbers are already acceptable among medium scale companies.

Of course there remain some issues that must be solved before making a successful transaction with China.

galocka The language barrier - in China, one can work successfully only if they are able to speak Chinese

galocka Geographic location - the need for regular visits to China for inspection of production

galocka Financial confidence in the initial stage of cooperation - many justifiably fear being cheated by Chinese companies

galocka Product quality - reputation of low quality Chinese goods mostly comes from the inability of customers to work correctly with the Chinese manufactures

galocka The difference in mentality - the tradition of doing business and business etiquette in China are very different from that to which foreigners are used to.  For example: suppliers rarely tell You about the real shipment delay reason due to fear of  "losing face"

galocka The difference in aesthetic standards - something that seems to top the Chinese designs, from your point of view, may seem mediocre or ugly

galocka Logistics in China - customs clearance for export and domestic logistics in China require some specific knowledge not easily understandable by foreigners

Successful work with Chinese manufacturers requires specific knowledge and skills attainable by experience only.

Over the years we have accumulated information about Chinese market and get considerable experience in wholesale supply of various kinds of goods from China.  Our specialists have all the necessary skills for successful organization of products for Your supply needs.

In cooperation with us, You will be able to concentrate Your energy on marketing and sales by entrusting the search, purchase and shipping of ordered products to professionals!

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