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Manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards

The printed-circuit board – one of the most important elements of an electronic product which is intended for switching and mechanical fastening of electronic components. The board consists of the flat basis with printing conductors. Depending on quantity of layers of conductors, printed-circuit boards can be divided on multilayered, bilateral and unilateral. Switching between layers is carried out by means of special openings, crossing points and percussion caps.

Printed-circuit boards can be used in household devices, devices of a radar-location and onboard navigation, on objects of military and civil appointment, in industrial electronics, on objects of nuclear power and so on.

You can order production of printed-circuit boards of any complexity from us.

Fabrication stages of printed-circuit boards:

galocka Receiving and analysis of initial information

galocka Development and coordination with the customer of technical requirements

galocka Estimation of the volume and cost of works

galocka Design

galocka Production of printed-circuit boards and transfer to the Customer

The highly skilled personnel that allows us to guarantee high quality of the received products is engaged in design and production of printed-circuit boards.

For the order of production of printed-circuit boards, address to our managers. Phone for communication: +852 9634 8252

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