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3D modeling

Before proceeding to electronics manufacturing, the manufacturer needs to visually imagine the appearance of the device. If the product is manufactured for the first time, before it will gain a tangible form, you need to create a model. Sometimes it is not a simple two-dimensional image, and so are specialists in 3D modeling is needed.

We offer professional 3D model creation that will allow You to make any object a realistic and three-dimensional for visual presentation to the Customer. It can be not only the finished product, but also its individual parts. The main advantage of 3D modeling is that You can see the product before it will be made. At the earliest stages, You can make changes in the product – for example, to correct its shape and color, and add or remove some details, change the size and so on. The high level and professionalism of our designers allows us to create 3D models of the highest quality.

Advantages of 3D modeling:

galocka Visualization of the finished product

galocka Calculation of size and weight

galocka The possibility of changes in the process

galocka Execution of works of any complexity

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